"Corinne brings an extraordinary commitment and creativity to her work. She is able to embody and convey a sense of the Torah’s sanctity and soulfulness while bringing color and meaning to the cover for the Torah scroll itself. We feel elevated, drawn in and ennobled by her capacity to bring color, meaning and the senses of touch and sight in a piece of sacred art. She engages our souls and draws us to Sinai once again. We feel prepared to hear the voice of the Eternal as we hold this Torah scroll close to our hearts. Her work is the embodiment of the Biblical mandate “Serve the Holy One with the beauty of holiness”.

Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman, Jewish Center of the Hamptons

“A Torah mantle for each season…and a special one for Yom Hashoah and Yom Haatzmaut, have graced our Synagogue since we met Corinne. A hand painted silk chuppah also fills our sanctuary with life and color.”

Rabbi Eddie Schecter, Temple Beth Shalom, Hastings, NY

“We are most grateful for the beautiful Torah covers, your creativity showed through. The rays you wished to depict lit up our holy day… Many thanks for the beauty you created that enhances our sanctuary.”

Rabbi Gerald Raiskin, Peninsula Temple Sholam

“Our new High Holiday Torah covers truly represent the best of scared art. They are breathtakingly beautiful from the distance and tantalizingly attractive up close. The workmanship and materials are of the highest quality. Bezazel would have been happy to have had Corinne at his side!”

Rabbi David Gelfand, Jewish Center of the Hamptons

"Corinne Soikin Strauss is a consummate professional and an extraordinarily gifted artist. Her love of bringing new creations into the world springs from a deep well of spirituality and dynamic artistic vision. Her ability to blend the needs and desires of her clients with her own sense of beauty and design guarantees that each piece is outstanding. I have known Corinne for over twenty years and recommend her highly and without any reservations."

Sofer Neil H. Yerman, www.neilyerman.com


Corinne Soikin Strauss

Corinne Soikin Strauss Bio Photo
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